The Inspiring Story of Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert is the protector of hunters
 Saint Hubert – also called who is the patron saint of hunters is revered as the patron of hunters. His story is one of inspiration, dedication and devotion to the hunting community.

 The Early Life and Saint Hubert

 Saint Hubert grew in a luxurious and grand household, as he was born between 656-705 A.D. into a noble family. Hubert had a privileged upbringing but was also known for his skill at archery.

 Hubert’s hunting skills are legendary. He is also known for having a perfect aim and being able to produce a plentiful feast. He had a life-changing encounter on Good Friday, while on a search.

 Saint Hubert: The Vision

 According to the legend, Hubert had cornered an imposing stag on horseback while chasing after a deer. It then turned its back to him. In the middle of the stag’s antlers, a glowing crucifix was visible. Hubert reported hearing a voice and having a visual in that moment. It urged him to be holy and to give glory to God.

 Hubert’s Spiritual Transformation

 Hubert’s life of privilege and luxury was radically altered by his encounter with Christ. Hubert gave up his titles including his birthright of the Duke Aquitane and became a Christian. The tragedy struck when his wife, Floribanne was killed giving birth to their child, Saint Floribert. Hubert focused his entire religious journey on Hubert after his wife’s demise.

 Hubert’s journey in the Church

 Hubert sought advice from Bishop Lambert Maastricht who became his religious adviser. Hubert traveled to Rome as a pilgrim under Lambert’s tutelage. Hubert was ordained during this assembly as a Priest and then became the thirty first bishop of Maastricht. He also became the primary Bishop in Liege.

 Saint Hubert’s Legacy

 Saint Hubert, a priest of the Catholic Church, performed many miracles including exorcisms. He is known as the “Apostle in the Ardennes”, for his efforts at spreading Christianity to pagan areas.

 The Symbolism of Saint Hubert

 Saint Hubert, the patron saint of France is represented by antlers with a crucifix or cross. This image is recognized by many hunters and appears on Jagermeister bottles caps.

 Honoring All Living Forms

 Saint Hubert, not only became patron saint of the hunter but also promoted honoring of the animal’s death. In his time feasts were organized to celebrate the energy transferred from the animal’s life to the hunter.

 Saint Hubert, in conclusion, is a symbol for spiritual transformation and commitment. His influence extends to all hunters, archers and mathematicians. Saint Hubert Medals & Hunting Necklace serve as tangible tokens of devotion for this beloved Patron Saint.

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